Monday, February 4, 2013

Office and Home Energy - Part 1

The energy around any living organism and especially human beings must flow currectly. This energy is called "Chi," "Prana" or "Ki." If the energy does nor flow properly, it will led to an imbalance and dishormony and therefore affect health, happiness and productivity.

According to the philosophy of the Chi, the entire universe is coherent, there are energy emitted from each one of us and from the objects surrounding us. In the absence of harmony, this energy affects the chakras of the body and the personal aura (halo); exposing the person to psychological, emotional and physical problems that will affect his personal life and his family and his professional life.

If you have suspesions that negative energy is causing problems in your life, it is advisable to go for professionals in the field of energy. They will examine the office or home, and ensure that the energy is flowing properly again so it will benifit your life and health.

Through inspection and testing of the home or office, inspecting furniture locations, colors or plants, a professional can determine the source of the problem and solve it. He/she will look for the perfect cohesion and harmonious way of interaction between all parties.

To be continued...

Part 2 including tips (Click here)

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