Monday, February 4, 2013

Office and Home Energy - Part 2 (Tips)

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It is important to organize your bedroom, kitchen or living room in a way that will facilitate flowing of energy. The direction of bed, TV, dining table or living room is essential. For example, one of the most important tip is that the person should never sit (especially in the office) with his back to the window, because it prevents the flow of cosmic energy and thus reduce it and prevent future progress.

You should not put large mirrors in the bedroom, and don't put 2 mirrors facing each other; this will block energy flow in that room. Do not put the head of the bed directly under the window.

We recommend placing a painting above the bed.

In the living room, it is advised to have circular furniture that will symbolize cooporation between family members and contribution to each other.

Open windows daily in the house, summer or winter, allowing air and sunshine to enter and deliver positive energy.

When lifting your feet to relax, point your feets towards the door. Why? So negative energy will exit our legs and then our homes directly.

Put a plant in the room so it will suck all the negative energy. The plant's leaves should be round or long and not pointy.

The furniture colors should be suitable to the energy of the family (consult an expert).

In the process of building a new house or buying one, many people consult energy experts in order to determine the best organization of the rooms, windows and hallways. Consequently preserving the vital positive energy of the house, which will benifit the family.

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