Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Close Your Eyes And Relax

Here is an hour of meditation music. Just sit/lie back, close your eyes, relax and breathe.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Office and Home Energy - Part 2 (Tips)

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It is important to organize your bedroom, kitchen or living room in a way that will facilitate flowing of energy. The direction of bed, TV, dining table or living room is essential. For example, one of the most important tip is that the person should never sit (especially in the office) with his back to the window, because it prevents the flow of cosmic energy and thus reduce it and prevent future progress.

You should not put large mirrors in the bedroom, and don't put 2 mirrors facing each other; this will block energy flow in that room. Do not put the head of the bed directly under the window.

We recommend placing a painting above the bed.

In the living room, it is advised to have circular furniture that will symbolize cooporation between family members and contribution to each other.

Open windows daily in the house, summer or winter, allowing air and sunshine to enter and deliver positive energy.

When lifting your feet to relax, point your feets towards the door. Why? So negative energy will exit our legs and then our homes directly.

Put a plant in the room so it will suck all the negative energy. The plant's leaves should be round or long and not pointy.

The furniture colors should be suitable to the energy of the family (consult an expert).

In the process of building a new house or buying one, many people consult energy experts in order to determine the best organization of the rooms, windows and hallways. Consequently preserving the vital positive energy of the house, which will benifit the family.

Office and Home Energy - Part 1

The energy around any living organism and especially human beings must flow currectly. This energy is called "Chi," "Prana" or "Ki." If the energy does nor flow properly, it will led to an imbalance and dishormony and therefore affect health, happiness and productivity.

According to the philosophy of the Chi, the entire universe is coherent, there are energy emitted from each one of us and from the objects surrounding us. In the absence of harmony, this energy affects the chakras of the body and the personal aura (halo); exposing the person to psychological, emotional and physical problems that will affect his personal life and his family and his professional life.

If you have suspesions that negative energy is causing problems in your life, it is advisable to go for professionals in the field of energy. They will examine the office or home, and ensure that the energy is flowing properly again so it will benifit your life and health.

Through inspection and testing of the home or office, inspecting furniture locations, colors or plants, a professional can determine the source of the problem and solve it. He/she will look for the perfect cohesion and harmonious way of interaction between all parties.

To be continued...

Part 2 including tips (Click here)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personality Analysis Through Coffee Cup Reading

The title of this post might seem weird to some people. It is unusual for foreign societies, but in Arab countries it is totally normal.

One of the best enjoyments of an Arab day is coffee; whether in the morning, afternoon or night. It has its rules and characteristics. Coffee is a one of symbols of Arab generosities; serving coffee to a guest is very important. In some Arab societies, not serving coffee will be considered an insult, and not drinking coffee when it's served to you is an insult as well. Coffee traditions are varied and books have been written on the subject.

When we drink coffee, we hold the cup gently (usually a traditional cup), we drink it and enjoy it. When we do so, we transfer our emotions, psyche and personality into the coffee cup. As a result, we can look into the cup and read it. Through cup reading, experts can read sign, symbols and names. The Turks were the first to do coffee cup reading.

This process is very wide spread in Arab communities. There are people who make a living out of this; On the one hand, many of those are fortune tellers mostly depend on luck to get something right, and tell people what they want to hear. On the other hand, there are gifted people and foortune tellers who can genuinly read the coffee cup and tell the truth.

Through special symbols, and the remaining coffee on the edge and bottom of the cup, it is possible to read and analyze a personality; to know about many aspects: social, sexual, financial, psychological, health, and general or specific personality analysis. It can indicate on a person's opinions, commitments, honesty, etc.
You might be reading this with doubt; it is understandable and natural. But I would like to assure you that after a lot of work, checking and verifying through experience, I can definitely say that it can be proven. Many people will disagree, but I would like to recommend trying before judging.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Halo / Aura

Halo is a force or magnetic field that is found around all edges of the living thing. A person feels this field by touching or pendulum, but specialists can see halos, their shades and colors (meanings of colors are mentioned later). It is said that energy field around the body is created and controlled by chakras and channels, so it expresses the true life and life stream of the person; it will not only be a symbol of life, it is life itself.

There are 7 layers for a halo (just like the number of chakras). It is about 30cm away from the body, and its thickness varies; on the same body, the color and thickness can be different from a place to another. In some cases, a halo can fill a whole room. When a halo is strong, the person has a strong mind, psyche and body, and when it's weak, so is the body. The experts claim that the human halo departs his body three days before death. In the previous century, scientists designed a camera which can capture halos.

The first t drawing of a halo was found of ancient Egyptians, pharaohs and Buddhists saints who draw it around them. In Jewish Bible, the Prophet Moses drew a halo around himself when he came down of Mount Sinai. The Christian's New Testament show drawings of the apostles with a halo around their head, we can see this especially above Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and John the Baptist.

Halo Colors:

White: a healthy situation and balance.
Black: shows sickness, pain in the head and spine, envy, negative energy, hatred and malice.
Gray: warns for the beginning of sickness in that specific area in the body. Shows envy, selfishness, cowardice, fear, depression and horror.
Red: positive energy, vitality, good sexuality. When the color is affected, neural system is weak.
Blue: vitality.
Purple: this person works with spirituality, energy treatments and mystics.
Orange: indicates sexual status. When the color is pale, the sexuality is weak within that person.
Yellow: indicates spirituality; mostly religious men and women.
Green: healthy mind and body. The person loves to help others.

The healer should understand halos and the meaning of each color, because then he will be able to treat it, enforce it and correct its colors, so it will directly affect the channels, movement and activity of the body.