Friday, June 15, 2012

Halo / Aura

Halo is a force or magnetic field that is found around all edges of the living thing. A person feels this field by touching or pendulum, but specialists can see halos, their shades and colors (meanings of colors are mentioned later). It is said that energy field around the body is created and controlled by chakras and channels, so it expresses the true life and life stream of the person; it will not only be a symbol of life, it is life itself.

There are 7 layers for a halo (just like the number of chakras). It is about 30cm away from the body, and its thickness varies; on the same body, the color and thickness can be different from a place to another. In some cases, a halo can fill a whole room. When a halo is strong, the person has a strong mind, psyche and body, and when it's weak, so is the body. The experts claim that the human halo departs his body three days before death. In the previous century, scientists designed a camera which can capture halos.

The first t drawing of a halo was found of ancient Egyptians, pharaohs and Buddhists saints who draw it around them. In Jewish Bible, the Prophet Moses drew a halo around himself when he came down of Mount Sinai. The Christian's New Testament show drawings of the apostles with a halo around their head, we can see this especially above Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and John the Baptist.

Halo Colors:

White: a healthy situation and balance.
Black: shows sickness, pain in the head and spine, envy, negative energy, hatred and malice.
Gray: warns for the beginning of sickness in that specific area in the body. Shows envy, selfishness, cowardice, fear, depression and horror.
Red: positive energy, vitality, good sexuality. When the color is affected, neural system is weak.
Blue: vitality.
Purple: this person works with spirituality, energy treatments and mystics.
Orange: indicates sexual status. When the color is pale, the sexuality is weak within that person.
Yellow: indicates spirituality; mostly religious men and women.
Green: healthy mind and body. The person loves to help others.

The healer should understand halos and the meaning of each color, because then he will be able to treat it, enforce it and correct its colors, so it will directly affect the channels, movement and activity of the body.

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