Saturday, June 9, 2012

Channels / Chakras and Energy Centers - Part 1

The human body is affected by 4 basic elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elements affect the human being directly, consciously or unconsciously. We sometimes feel tired or exhausted although we did not do anything; we do not want to get out of bed or we feel sluggish for several days. These psychological states are related to body energy.

There are seven channels or windows in the human body; it is the energy centers which are professionally called chakras. Chakra is a word of Indian Sanskrit origin and it means "wheel" or "turning." Through the chakras, we receive energy and then it is passed to all body organs; the energy is responsible for the functional performance of the body, soul and psyche. In many cases, a chakra is closed partially or fully for a psychological, spiritual, emotional or physiological reasons; this affects the performance of that specific chakra which then affects an organ. A chakra works in spiral, circular and vibrational way, much like a whirlpools: consistent and harmonious; if its work is interrupted, so the work of the body.

At first, Reiki therapist examines and diagnoses the patient through "communication," which is to enter the body and communicate with it using energy only (no touching). This is done by passing the hand over the body; this way we will know which channels are shut and which are open. Additional way to do this is by using a pendulum. Afterwards, the therapist sends energy using a special symbol (specific to each chakra) in order to open them all; the negative energies are replaced with positive energies. The goal is to return them to their normal function (circling and vibrating), so the body organs will continue their correct work.

Throughout the treatment, the patient is lying on comfortable bed, surrounded by candles, sweet smells and calming music.

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