Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Reiki and Healing - Part 2

Where is this energy located?

Reiki energy is everywhere in the world and the universe (in every human, animal, bird, etc.), and even in rocks and dirt; we are in the middle of a massive amount of energy. We often call our planet: Mother Earth; it gives us energy and vitality through our feet, and we breath the oxygen that is full of energy.

Every one of us can learn Reiki treatment, and it does not require previous knowledge. The energy is in us, and all we have to do is be confident about it. Of course, this is after he/she receives a proper teaching and training.

What diseases/illnesses/symptoms can be treated by Reiki/Healing?

It is unlimited, and it is not confined to bodily illness, but also psychological. Just to give some examples: back and spinal pain, various infections, migraine, asthma, addiction (smoking, alcohol, etc.), anxiety, liver problems, diabetes, blood pressure, bone breaks, confidence, overcoming difficulties, hearing problems, improving vision, sexual problems, cancer, etc.
This is based on the principle that all illnesses are an outcome of a defect in the inner energy, which affect the work of chakras and in its turn affects a part of the body. Reiki helps return the chakras to its normal functions.

The treatment:

In the beginning of every treatment session the patient is asked whether he agrees or not on receiving the treatment. Then he/she is checked by scanning without touching. It is done by hovering the hands over the body and stoping over certain points. These simple hand gestures carry a huge effect on halos, chakras and the body. Afterwards, the energy centers and chakras are balanced, and then positive energy is inserted into the body through 12-14 locations (from the top of the head to the toes). The therapist stops at each point for an averaged 2-3 minutes. The Reiki energy is very smart, it penetrates the body and the illness location and woks on fixing it by activating cells, blood vessels and weak blood cells and stimulates it to do its natural work.

It is important to check beforehand (by asking) if the patient has cancer, heart disease or hemiplegic, because in that cases caution must be taken.

We, as specialists, are often asked if an illness can be cured. Here I want to emphasize what I mentioned beforehand: the smart Reiki energy can penetrate every single cell and cure it. The person performing the treatment must always be optimistic and give hope, otherwise failure is certain.

At the beginning of every treatment, 4 signs are drawn over the patient. It is the Reiki symbols the facilitates the entrance of the energy to the body. Only a Reiki master can use them.

In some cases, a specialist can perform a treatment to any person from afar, in another country that is. It requires a special technique and previous co-ordination with the patient. It has the same working effect as direct treatment.

The Reiki specialist will not advice the patient to replace his medications (if he takes any), and he should continue to visit his doctor.

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