Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Reiki and Healing - Part 3

Some of Reiki's benefits:
  • Enforcing immunity (bodily and psychological) and accelerate cell regeneration.
  • Reiki allow adaptability and compatibility between body and soul. As a result there's no insomnia, depression or anxiety.
  • To discover innate capabilities and strengthen the senses.
  • Learn the spiritual connection through touch, so you will know how to love yourself and others by charging your energy.
  • Get rid of negative excess and negative energy.
  • Control your anger.
  • Speed up the healing process of some diseases.
  • Adjust the balance of power in the body.
Reiki Levels:

Reiki 1: For treating one's self or one's family members. It is learned through 2 Reiki symbols: the symbol of strength and the symbol of the mind.
Reiki 2: for treating others and how to treat remotely. The student learns the third symbol: the symbol of far treatment.
Reiki 3: This can be learned at least 6 months after stage 2. It gives the power to specialist and qualifies him to work in a wider range. He will learn a fourth symbol.
Reiki Master: Only qualified persons with a unique healing vision deserves this level. The Master will learn the art of teaching and how to give the symbols to students of Reiki. He will learn to train whoever asks for this knowledge and open their therapeutic vision (the third eye).

According to Mastar Mikao Usui (mentioned in Part 1), there are 4 aspects of Reiki: Treatment by Reiki, personal growth, spiritual discipline and knowing the unknown. The 4 points are connected.

The basis of life style according to Reiki: (See more info in The Basics of Reiki)
  • Only today don’t be angry.
  • Only today don't worry.
  • Respect your parents, acquaintances, the younger and older than you.
  • Eat your bread from the sweat of your forehead.
  • Be thankful for all the living things.

Reiki is a style of life that gives us the experience of life with its full image. It also supply answers for those who look for the meaning of life, change, healing and tranquility… Reiki specialists and people who are treated by them can acquire psychological and physical immunity.

Reiki helps get personal growth, equilibrium, connecting to the personal vision that is in each one of us. The Reiki treatment is based on a principle: where there is mind there's energy.

Reiki allows us to access the buried power in us.

The idea of Reiki can be summarized in this:

The past is gone, future is near
Today is a present
Enjoy it, for it will never come back

Think about this as well:
Life is like an ice-cream, if you don’t eat and enjoy it in time, it'll melt and regret will not help.

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