Friday, June 8, 2012

The Basics of Reiki

I have mentioned before that Reiki has 5 basics. Those basics are not by chance, they hold a purpose and a meaning. If we focus on its content, meaning and value, we will understand life, be stable and happy.

Only today don’t be angry: Anger on its shapes, on our selves or others, creates difficult obstacles in the energy channels within the person. Reiki specialists and even psychologists see anger as one of the causes for health problems (physical or psychological). Anger usually is not a phase of a passing period but it becomes a part of the personality, so it affects our lives and the lives surrounding us directly. Anger can shift from being momentary to being constant, and our lives start to accumulate deposits of anger which leads to deposits in the energy channels, which then affects on the chakras, which eventually negatively affects the human body.

Only today don't worry: Every one worries. There is a difference between positive and negative worrying. Positive: is when I worry about my son or daughter passing an important exam, or even passing the street when going to school. Negative: is when I think and pre-empt events before happening; for example: what'll happen to me if I or one of my family members gets sick? What if they fire me one day and how will I find another job? What will happen if the ice in the North Pole melts? And other questions that cannot be explained or answered before it happens.

Respect your parents, acquaintances, the younger and older: This principle is regarded in all religions and societies; an important commandment. It will create an atmosphere of love, affinity and harmony between all people. Respect means to refine the soul; if you are respectful to others, you oblige them to be respectful to you.

Eat your bread from the sweat of your forehead: A very simple yet important principle. Respect myself and others, don't steal the possessions of others in order to live. Respect my profession and others'.

Be thankful to all the living things: This principle is based on tolerance, good word, smile, saying thanks and apologizing for any big or small mistakes we made. This principle is built upon essential inner change within the human. I, as a Reiki specialist, recommend people to smile every day; if we smile 3 times a day to 3 different people, we would have accomplished this principle.

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