Sunday, June 10, 2012

Channels / Chakras and Energy Centers - Part 2

Chakras and its functions:

The Root/Base Chakra: Red/Brown/Black. It is located between the genital organ and the lower back. Its function is to communicate between the human body and the energy derived from earth, so we can also discharge negative energy from our bodies. It is also known as the center for the Kundalini energy.

The Sacral Chakra: Orange. Responsible for reproductive functions, developing, creativity, vitality and helping.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow. Responsible for emotions, anger, hatred, fear and inner feelings. Affects primarily the digestion system, spleen and pancreas.

The Heart Chakra: Green. Located in the heart; it is responsible for love, passion and compassion. It affects the blood flow and helps us see good and evil.

The Throat Chakra: Blue. Located in the throat. Responsible for communicating with other people, and it's a passage between physicality and spirituality. It is an important channel where air, food and blood enters all the body. Affects breathing (asthma) and various skin diseases.

The Third Eye Chakra: Purple, deep blue. Located in the front of the body between eyebrows and hair. It has functions of spiritual vision, sixth sense and non-tangible vision of people and places. This Chakra has direct effect on epilepsy, heart disease and psychological illnesses.

The Crown Chakra: White, golden, purple. Located at the top of the head and is responsible for personal spiritual openness. It has a big effect on the body, and through it we draw energy. It directly affects the senses in the human body, the spirituality, telepathy and receiving energy from the universe.

Some recommendations:

In order to help ourselves keep our Chakras open, we should review a specialist of Reiki at least once a month.

Use the colors; wearing a specific cloth's colors will reflect on the body of the wearer and help balance the body and soul.

Recommended colors by days:
Sunday – Red / Brown (Root Chakra)
Monday – Orange (Sacral Chakra)
Tuesday – Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Wednesday – Green / Pink (Heart Chakra)
Thursday – Blue (Throat Chakra)
Friday – Purple (Third Eye Chakra)
Saturday – White (Crown Chakra)

In order to fall asleep faster: while in bed, put your left hand over the Solar Plexus Chakra (above the belly button) and your right hand on the belly button. This should help you relax fasted and fall asleep.

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