Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a treatment method invented and developed in recent years on the hands of Master Choa Kok Sui. Although it is primarily based on Chinese medicine, needles are not used at all; it is performed by re-routing the energy from the healer's body to the patient's. This way the latter will receive enough energy and help in order to heal and balance.

Pranic Healing is a full phase of Reiki treatment, used in special conditions after finishing a Reiki session (in which the healer spends 2-3 minutes on 12-14 locations on the body). If the healer senses that certain points are need of extra help, he will resort to Pranic Healing; he will send concentrated energy on one point in order to balance it.

Also, in the human body there are 52 points (as in Chinese Acupuncture), and each is responsible for a specific function in the body. Some are responsible for blood flow, some for head ache, vision, hearing, eating, urination, stomach, kidney, liver, lungs, nerves, spine, memory, etc. So using the thumb or the index and middle finger (and without touching), the healer charges and penetrates a weak point so he restores the related organ's function.

The charging process should take about 21-23 seconds only, and multiple points can be charged during one session. It has the same benefits as acupuncture. The patient will feel much more comfortable after this treatment.

This treatment method is very effective and successful.

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